Listed below are UCLA academic courses that are open to high school students during Session A. Courses offered during Session C are not listed as the dates conflict with most high school academic calendars. The majority of courses are lower-division, numbered between 1 and 99, and do not have any pre-requisites. Certain upper-division courses (100-199) are also approved for high school students. Please view the list and contact us at if the course you’d like to take is not listed.

High school students can take up to 10 units (approximately two courses) during UCLA Summer Sessions with the exception of intensive language courses included in this list. Students wishing to petition the unit cap must send a copy of their transcripts and a letter of recommendation to

Please note that the courses marked with * are impacted and subject to different enrollment and refund deadlines. For more information, please refer to ACADEMIC COURSES: HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS or ACADEMIC COURSES: INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS if you are an international student.

Course availabilities vary year to year and all courses are subject to change without prior notice.

Click on the course to see detailed course descriptions.

Ancient Near East

AN N EA 10W: Jerusalem: Holy City*


ANTHRO 8: Archaeology: Introduction (Not offered summer 2016)
ANTHRO 9: Culture and Society

Applied Linguistics

APPLING 30W: Language and Social Interaction*
APPLING 40W: Language and Gender: Introduction to Gender and Stereotypes*


ARABIC 8: Elementary Standard Arabic (9-week course)

Asian American Studies

ASIA AM 10: History of Asian Americans


ASTR 5: Life in Universe

Chemistry and Biochemistry

CHEM 14A: Atomic and Molecular Structure, Equilibria, Acids, and Bases
CHEM 14B: Atomic and Molecular Structure, Equilibria, Acids, and Bases (SESSION C ONLY)
CHEM 17: Chemical Principles
CHEM 20A: Chemical Structure
CHEM 30A: Organic Chemistry I: Structure and Reactivity*

Chicana and Chicano Studies

CHICANO 10A: Introduction to Chicana/Chicano Studies, History and Culture

CHICANO 10B: Introduction to Chicana/Chicano Studies, Social Structure and Contemporary Conditions (SESSION C ONLY)


CHIN 8: Elementary Chinese: Intensive (9-week course)
CHIN 10: Intermediate Modern Chinese: Intensive (9-week course)
CHIN 70: Classics of Chinese Literature (SESSION C ONLY)

Communication Studies

COMM ST 1: Principles of Oral Communication
COMM ST 1A: Public Speaking for Nonnative Speakers
COMM ST 1B: Learning American English and Culture from Movies
COMM ST 10: Introduction to Communication Studies
COMM ST 114: Understanding Relationships
COMM ST 188A: Media and the Mind (Not offered in summer 2016)

Community Health Sciences

COMM HLT 100: Introduction to Community Health Sciences
COMM HLT 130: Nutrition and Health (SESSION C ONLY)

Computer Science

COM SCI 31: Introduction to Computer Science I (8-week course)
COM SCI M51A: Logic Design of Digital Systems (8-week course)


Dance 6: Beginning World Arts Practices in Sub-Saharan Africa and Diaspora (Not offered summer 2016)
Dance 8: Beginning World Arts Practices in Latin America and Diaspora (SESSION C ONLY)

Design Media Arts

DESMA 9 - Art, Science, and Technology (offered online only)

Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences

EPS SCI 9: Solar System and Planets
EPS SCI 15: Blue Planet: Introduction to Oceanography
EPS SCI 17: Dinosaurs and Their Relatives (Not offered summer 2016)


ECON 1: Principles of Economics
ECON 2: Principles of Economics


ENGR 10A: Introduction to Complex Systems Science (Not offered summer 2016)


ENGL 4W: Critical Reading and Writing*
ENGL 20W: Introduction to Creative Writing*
ENGL 90: Shakespeare (offered online only)*

English Composition

ENGCOMP 2: Approaches to University Writing (Session C Only)


ENVIRON 12: Sustainability and Environment






ETHNOMU 50A: Jazz in American Culture: Late 19th Century Through 1940s (Not offered summer 2016)

Film and Television

FILM TV 122B: Introduction to Art and Technique of Filmmaking (offered on-campus or online)
FILM TV 122E: Digital Cinema (offered on-campus or online)
FILM TV C132: Fundamentals of Screenwriting (offered online only)
FILM TV 133: In-Depth Introduction to Fundamentals of Screenwriting (offered online only)
FILM TV 135A: Advanced Screenwriting Workshop
FILM TV 146: Art and Practice of Motion Picture Producing (offered online only)
FILM TV 184A: Overview of the Contemporary Film Industry (offered online only)


GEOG 2: Biodiversity in A Changing World (Not offered summer 2016)
GEOG 5: People and The Earth's Ecosystems
GEOG 7: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (offered online only)

Gender Studies

GENDER 10: Introduction to Gender Studies

Global Studies

GLBL ST 1: Globalization Markets (SESSION C ONLY)


GREEK 16: Intensive First-Year Greek (8-week course)


HEBREW 8: Elementary Hebrew: Intensive (8-week course)


HIST 1B: Introduction to Western Civilization: Circa A.D. 843 to Circa 1715 (offered online only)
HIST 1C: Introduction to Western Civilization: Circa 1715 to Present (offered online and during Session C only)
HIST 13C: History of the US and its Colonial Origins (offered online and during Session C only)
HIST 20: World History to A.D. 600 (offered online only)

International and Area Studies

I A STD 1: Introduction to International and Area Studies
I A STD 31: Introduction to Southeast Asia
I A STD 33: Introduction to East Asia (SESSION C ONLY)
I A STD 50: Introduction to Latin America (SESSION C ONLY)


JAPAN 8: Elementary Japanese: Intensive (9-week course)
JAPAN 10: Intermediate Modern Japanese: Intensive (9-week course)


KOREA 8: Elementary Korean: Intensive (9-week course)
KOREA 10: Intermediate Modern Korean: Intensive (9-week course)
KOREA 40: Korean Pop Culture (SESSION C ONLY)
KOREA 50: Korean Civilization


LATIN 16: Intensive First Year Latin (8-week course)

Life Sciences

LIFESCI 1: Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity


LING 1: Introduction to Study of Language (offered on-campus or online)


MGMT 1A: Principles of Accounting


MATH 1: Pre Calculus
MATH 3A: Calculus for Life Sciences Students
MATH 3C: Probability for Life Sciences Students
MATH 31A: Differential and Integral Calculus
MATH 32A: Calculus of Several Variables
MATH 33A: Linear Algebra and Applications
MATH 61: Introduction to Discrete Structures

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MECH&AE 94: Introduction to Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (8-week course)





Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

MCD BIO 50 : Stem Cell Biology, Politics, and Ethics: Teasing Apart Issues (Formerly known as the STEM CELL SCIENCE SUMMER INSTITUTE)

Stem Cell Biology, Politics, and Ethics: Teasing Apart Issues




5 Units. P/NP or letter grading. This course presents an overview of the various types of stem cells that exist and the important functional differences between embryonic, hematopoietic, and adult stem cells as well as the differences in their biomedical potentials. Students will delve into the larger debate on human embryonic stem cell research while continually drawing connections to the established fields of bioethics, politics, and philosophy. An exploration of important social, ethical, political, and economic issues and how they arose with respect to the stem cell debate will round out the remainder of the course. Two sections are offered exclusively to advanced high school students.



  • Complete and submit the Academic Course Registration Form. For detailed information on academic course registration and more, go to ACADEMIC COURSES.
  • Once registration is complete, an email will be sent to you with your UCLA ID (UID) number. You will use this UID number to create a UCLA logon, if you do not already have one.
  • The course consists of lecture and discussion. Two discussion sections are available. Select the section that fits your schedule and record its SRS number.

    LECTURE MW 9:00-10:50 AM

    M 12:30-1:50 PM Class ID (SRS) #: 269151110

    W 12:30-1:50 PM Class ID (SRS) #: 269151210
  • Log into MyUCLA using your UCLA logon and password.
  • On the main menu, select “CLASSES”, then “FIND A CLASS AND ENROLL”.
  • Select the term "2016 Summer" and "Class ID" as your "Search By" criteria. Enter the Class ID (SRS) number of the discussion section you wish to take (listed above). Click "SEARCH".
  • Finalize the enrollment. Once you complete all the steps, you will be automatically enrolled into the lecture as well as the discussion section of your choice. You can verify your enrollment by selecting "Study List" under the CLASSES drop-down menu on the main menu.

MCD BIO 60: Biomedical Ethics


MUSIC 7: Understanding Movie Music
MUSIC 15: Art of Listening (Not offered summer 2016)
MUSIC 80A: Beginning Keyboard
MUSIC 80F: Beginning Guitar Class
MUSIC 80V: Beginning Vocal Technique


PHILOS 3: Historical Introduction to Philosophy (offered online only)
PHILOS 7: Introduction to Philosophy of the Mind
PHILOS 22: Introduction to Ethical Theory


PHYSICS 10: Physics

Physiological Science

PHY SCI 3: Introduction to Human Physiology

Political Science

POL SCI 10: Introduction to Political Theory
POL SCI 20: World Politics
POL SCI 40: Introduction to American Politics


PORTGSE 11A: Intensive Portuguese
PORTGSE 11B: Intensive Portuguese


PSYCH 10: Introductory Psychology
PSYCH 15: Introductory Psychobiology
PSYCH 85: Introduction to Cognitive Science (SESSION C ONLY)


ROMAN 103: Intensive Elementary Romanian


RUSSIAN 10: Intensive Elementary Russian (8-week course)
RUSSIAN 20: Intensive Intermediate Russian (8-week course)


SER CRO 103: Intensive Elementary Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian


SOCIOL 1: Introductory Sociology (offered on-campus or online)


SPAN 1: Elementary Spanish
SPAN 2: Elementary Spanish
SPAN 3: Elementary Spanish
SPAN 4: Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 10: Intensive Elementary Spanish
SPAN 25: Advanced Conversation and Composition


STATS 10: Introduction To Statistical Reasoning*


THEATER 10: Intro-Theater (offered online only)
THEATER 15: Introduction to Direction (Not offered summer 2016)
THEATER 20: Acting Fundamentals
THEATER 21: Acting for Camera
THEATER 30: Dramatic Writing (SESSION C ONLY)
THEATER 106: History of American Plays and Drama (Not offered in summer 2016)
THEATER 120A: Acting and Performance in Film I (offered online only)
THEATER 120B: Acting and Performance in Film II (offered online only)

Urban Planning

URBN PL 120: Cities and Planning


VIETMSE 8: Intensive Elementary Vietnamese (Not offered in summer 2016)