Incoming Transfer Guide for Summer Courses

With advance planning, you can get a head start in your UCLA career through Summer Sessions. 4 out of 5 UCLA students participate in Summer Sessions to get ahead, catch up, and explore. We hope you will consider summer options to maximize your potential throughout your study at UCLA.

This guide is intended as a quick reference tool and contains a list of courses that may satisfy major requirements. We recommend that you consult with a department counselor or New Student Advisor before enrolling in the courses listed below, as you may have already satisfied a certain requirement and you also want to avoid taking courses that satisfy the same requirement to avoid redundancy. After consultation, you will know what requirements you still need to finish, or what courses can provide you with a head start advantage.

Please search for your home department below and click on the + sign. You will find both the courses that may satisfy your major requirements and the contact information for your department.

Courses listed below are subject to change, without prior notice, by action of the academic department offering the course/program. Changes include, but are not limited to, meeting time and location changes, instructor substitutions, and cancellation. Reasonable endeavor will be made to notify students of such changes and suggest alternatives when applicable. Please review information on policies and deadlines concerning enrollment, payment, refund, and more on the ACADEMIC COURSES: UCLA STUDENTS section of our website.

*The course has enforced requisites.
**The course has recommended requisites.

Please read the description of the courses you intend to take before enrolling to ensure that you have fulfilled the requisites.