Applications of Nanoscience Summer Institute

Thank you for visiting the Applications of Nanoscience Summer Institute Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page! Here, you will find answers to questions that students and parents most commonly ask us specifically about this program.

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How does this Nanoscience Summer Institute differ from the others?

This is a two week program in which students learn about being a working scientist in the first week, then propose and conduct their own experimental research project during the second week.

What science preparation should students have?

We expect students to have a strong foundation in chemistry and biology (honors/AP chemistry is suggested). 

Is there a final exam?

There is a final research presentation.

Do students choose their team?

No, the teams will be assigned.

Should students already have a research topic in mind before the session starts?

No, all topics will be given during the program.

Are laptops required?

Yes, students should bring a laptop.










Program Dates

JULY 5 - JULY 17, 2020

Important Dates

FEBRUARY 15: Registration Opens

MAY 1: Payment due in full

JUNE 15: Refund Deadline

JULY 5-17: Applications of Nanoscience Summer Institute