Teen ArchStudio Summer Institute



Participants of the Teen Arch Studio Summer Institute will receive UCLA credit for the following course:

  • Architecture & Urban Design 1: Introduction to Architectural Design

Enrolled students will receive 3 units of UC credit.

The program is structured around the experience of a design studio typically offered within the curriculum of an undergraduate program. The studio focuses on developing design skills through space making and its drawing representation. Individual and group projects generate a dynamic and productive environment designed to help students in their decision making process to consider studies in architecture or other design-related fields.

Teen ArchStudio activities include:

  • Create space by designing brief projects
  • Learn drawing and modeling techniques
  • Participate in group and one-on-one instruction led by architects and designers
  • Participate in group reviews and critiques and present your projects to guest designers, critics, and instructors
  • Access to UCLA’s Arts and Architecture Library

Lecture Series

Local and visiting architects, designers, and talented professionals in related fields are invited to present their work. A Q&A session following each lecture gives students the opportunity to learn more about each guest through their own perspective.

Final Review and Exhibition

The last day of the program is dedicated to reviewing the students’ work in the group demonstration format. Faculty members from different Los Angeles architecture schools are invited to contribute to the discussion of each individual student’s work, promoting an engaging conversation that enhances architectural production at large.

This year, the final review for Teen ArchStudio will take place on the program's last day.

Schedule and Syllabus


A tentative schedule and syllabus for the program will become available in January 2021.



Participants of the Teen ArchStudio Summer Institute will be awarded 3 units of Pass/No Pass credit after the successful completion of the program.

As a participant, you are expected to complete all assigned coursework, take all examinations, attend class regularly, and submit all required work by the end of the program. No part of the coursework may be continued beyond the close of the program unless prearranged by the student and the instructor.

The program instructor is required to assign a final grade for each student enrolled in a course. This program is offered on a P/NP grading basis. The following grades are used to report the quality of student work for this program:

P Passed (achievement at grade C level or better)
NP Not Passed (achievement at grade C- or lower)

Courses in which students receive a P grade may count toward satisfaction of degree requirements but will be disregarded in determining a grade-point average.

Credits / Units

UCLA is on the quarter system. While some schools are also on the quarter system, most colleges and universities are on the semester system. As a general guide to transferring quarter units to a semester system school, one semester unit or credit is worth 1.5 quarter units (e.g., 4 quarter units = 2.5 semester units).

UCLA courses are generally accepted for transfer credit, but all decisions on transferability rest with the home institution. Students should get advance approval of their UCLA Summer Sessions course selections from the home institution prior to registration.

For more information on grades, see the UCLA General Catalog.


The transcript is a permanent record that reflects all undergraduate and graduate work completed at UCLA. It lists courses, units, grades, cumulative grade-point average, transfer credits, total units, and work in progress in chronological order.

Ordering a transcript can be done online through MyUCLA. Those requiring expedited or special delivery can submit a Transcript Request Form.

Requests are not processed if students have outstanding financial, academic, or administrative obligations to the University.

NOTE: Current or newly admitted UCLA students will have their grades appear on their UCLA transcript immediately after grades are submitted by the course instructor. Current or newly admitted visiting UC students will have their grades appear on their home UC campus's transcript in October or November.










Program Dates

JULY 6 - JULY 23, 2021

Important Dates

FEBRUARY 15 - APRIL 1: Summer Scholars Support for California High School Students Application Period

FEBRUARY 15: Registration Opens

MAY 1: Payment due in full

JUNE 15: Refund Deadline

JULY 6-23: Teen ArchStudio Summer Institute

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